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Pipes: Idle Factory revolves around a simple concept, build the best factory you can to have the most profit possible! Create different resources, combine them in recipes and maximise your profit margins. 

Start with the initial machines, creating basic resources before unlocking more and more complex machines to create complex resources and items to sell.

The game works on an idle basis, this means each time you launch the game you will return to all the profits your factory has made while you are away!

Pipes: Idle Factory also offers a full tutorial along with an information screen explaining each machine and resource in detail (along with its cost and profit). Allowing you to make informed decisions about each pipe line you build.


  • 7 machines and 2 pipe variants to create complex assembly lines!
  • 50+ resources to create and sell for profit!
  • 20+ recipes requiring complex pipelines!
  • Unlock more space to further extend your factory!
  • Earn profit even when offline!
  • Optionally double your passive income, and earn extra rewards!

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